Children and Young People 

We work with children, teenagers (and their parents) on the following: 

  • Depression, anxiety and behavioural problems 

  • ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability/Giftedness, and other neurobiological differences. 

  • Emotional problems 

  • Social problems 

  • Challenging behaviour 

  • Sleep problems

  • Trauma

  • Enhancing the child-parent bond 

In addition, I work with teenagers (and at times their parents) on the following: 

  • Academic stress 

  • Social stress 

  • Reducing screen time 

  • Self-harm and suicidality 

  • Emerging sexuality and associated concerns

  • Emerging or diagnosed mental illness 

*We welcome working with children and teens with disabilities of any severity.


We also offer a number of skill-enhancing set programs which are run over 8 sessions. To read more about them, click here.  


Antonio is has special interest in working with children and a specialisation in neurobiology. He has run a clinic that supports young people with emotional and behavioural problems to see drastic changes in their behaviour as well as improvements in their relationships. He has often worked closely with the child's whole support network including parents and school and has a number of established relationships with schools. Antonio has undertaken extensive training in CBT based models that have been modified for use specifically with children and young people. 


Jenna has extensive experience in child behaviour support. After registering as a psychologist I completed an additional two years of training in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics through the Child Trauma Academy, an attachment-based biopsychosocial model for understand early childhood development. I have worked with countless parents, foster carers, social workers and teachers in coming together to create an environment in which a troubled child or teen feels emotionally safe, learns new skills and can begin to thrive.